Lincoln Crowne & Company Is Led By Its Chairman, Nick Assef

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The corporate atmosphere is one that has an air of importance and intensity. This is because when it comes to corporate issues, there is a great deal at stake—including usually a good deal of money and lots of jobs. When it comes to another company attempting a hostile takeover, a dispute between the Board of Directors, or what could become a high profile lawsuit against a company, these are issues that are incredibly complicated. On top of that, they are quite contentious. Often, companies, groups, or individuals will seek help from others on these issues.

One of the most popular sources for help on contentious corporate issues is independent corporate advisory firms. These are companies which are capable of coming into any situation and offering objective advice based on experience and knowledge of the industry. Lincoln Crowne & Company is one independent corporate advisory firm that has achieved a good deal of success.

Lincoln Crowne & Company is led by its chairman, Nick Assef. The company is based in Sydney, Australia, and has clients both in Australia and internationally. The company often advises clients on cross-border opportunities too. Lincoln Crowne & Company has been successful because they emphasize experience and knowledge of surrounding issues in their staff.

A corporation in China, Zijin Mining Group acquired a strategic stake in Norton Gold recently. Lincoln Crowne & Company is acting as the financial advisor to Zijin Mining Group while this transaction is occurring.

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